Partnership Opportunities


If you are a Realtor®, financial planner or adviser, attorney, CPA, or other professional services provider, please contact us to review all the benefits of establishing a mutually beneficial referral relationship together as part of our partnership opportunities program.

Benefits For Your Clients

  • Fast 15-30 Day Closings

    While everyone else is scrambling to get their loans closed on time, we have experienced minimal to no TRID delays by maximizing the use of mortgage-specific technologies to streamline processes. By staying ahead of the curve as mortgage lending experts, we are able to deliver an experience that is second to none.

  • Best Rates and Fees

    Best wholesale rates and pricing across 100+ wholesale lenders nationwide. Your clients will not be disappointed with the monthly savings you help them achieve. Plus, if you’re already advising clients on investing their money, this monthly savings will create additional investment opportunities. That’s a win-win for everyone!

  • High-Level Client Service

    As a seasoned mortgage professional, Realtor®, and CPA, rest assured I am all about providing client education and hand-holding, 100% transparency and updates throughout your clients’ loan process, while minimum Satisfaction Guarantees ensure client satisfaction and comfort working with us.

Benefits For You

  • You′re the Hero

    We’ll make you look like the hero in front of your clients after we help them buy their new home, save a ton on mortgage interest, consolidate their debt into one low monthly payment, cash out equity for a home improvement project, or accomplish any other financing goals – quickly and easily.

  • Referral Relationship

    As a Realtor® and CPA, I constantly have prospects and other previous clients asking me for help with real estate, tax, and financial planning help, in addition to legal referrals. By establishing this relationship I will gladly refer this non-mortgage business out to you as I receive it, since my sole focus is within the mortgage industry.

  • More Business

    Once a client successfully acquires a new property in their portfolio using our help with financing, not only will that new asset most likely generate more revenue for you in terms of compliance and planning work, but your client will happily refer more work to you as one of their most trusted advisors once they see how much better we really are as a lender.

To schedule a call or in-person meeting to see how we can work together, please click below.