Our Satisfaction Guarantees

Best Rates and Pricing

We will beat any other lender’s price while you are fully qualified, rate-locked, and in process with us by 110% of the difference between their fees and our fees. All you need to do is provide the following documents from the competing lender:

  • Locked Loan Estimate
  • Original 1003 Loan Application
  • AUS Approval Sheet

Additionally, we will need to verify that your rate and pricing with them is currently locked and unexpired, and that the rate and terms of their loan are identical to the rate and terms of the loan we are providing you. Upon receipt of this information, we will verify the APR, fees, and LTV as noted on the Loan Estimate.

Once we confirm this information, and it is shown that the competing lender has a better rate and fee combination, you must still close your loan with us, and we will refund you 110% of the difference after closing.

On-Time Closing Guarantee

If we don’t close your purchase loan by the day we promise you at the start of the loan, then we will make your 7th mortgage payment for you on the loan we obtain for you. This will be the amount of any principal and interest due, excluding any mortgage insurance, homeowner’s insurance, property tax, or HOA dues, and shall not exceed $1,500.

Here’s how this works:

Upon receipt of a completed loan application, along with all requested borrower documentation, purchase contract, satisfactory credit report, and satisfactory Automated Underwriting System (AUS) approval, Independent Loan Originator will confirm whether or not the loan can be closed by the purchase contract closing date. If the loan is not closed by that date, then the guarantee payment will become effective upon closing the loan, conditional on the loan still being closed by us.

Other Terms and Conditions:

Depending on the lender we go with, you may receive this refund after making a minimum of 6 mortgage payments on the loan you obtain through us.

Fee comparisons for this offer will exclude the following:

  • Prepaid interest
  • Impound escrow account funds
  • Title insurance and escrow fees on purchases

This guarantee will also exclude the following:

  • Rental properties
  • Second homes
  • Any loan outside of conforming loan limits
  • Any non-1st position loan which is not secured by a primary residence in the State of California

The official appraised value after the appraisal is complete must match the appraised value used on the competing lender’s Locked Loan Estimate, Original 1003 Loan Application, and AUS Approval sheet.

This offer shall be valid through the end of the 2017 calendar year and may be withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of the Independent Loan Originator. Limit one guarantee per transaction.

This satisfaction guarantee shall not serve as an absolute guarantee or warranty that we offer the most competitive rate or fees in the marketplace.

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • All loan conditions, as requested throughout the loan process must be received within 48 hours of request, or the guarantee shall be void.
  • Any unusual delays on the part of the borrower(s), seller(s), title, escrow, or other 3rd party non lender-related delays shall void the guarantee.
  • Appraisal will need to be ordered within 3 calendar days of signing the “Intent to Proceed” loan disclosure form, or the guarantee shall be void.
  • Any unsatisfactory appraisal results which delay or otherwise cause the loan to be unable to close shall void the guarantee.
  • The loan must be locked, and all loan requirements and conditions must be satisfied at least 9 business days prior to the set closing date, or the guarantee shall be void.
  • Once the loan is locked, no changes to loan term or loan type shall occur, or the guarantee shall be void.

This guarantee shall only apply to conventional, conforming limit 1st position mortgage loans secured by a primary residence in the State of California.

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