Why ALG Loans?

Why work with us?

  • Experience

    Funded over $5,000,000,000 in loan transactions since 1999.

  • Efficiency

    Enjoy quick 15-30 day closings with a dedicated processing team and full internal support staff.

  • Tax Planning Benefits

    Understand tax benefits working with a Licensed CPA loan officer.

  • Real Estate Market Insights

    Understand real estate markets with a Licensed Realtor® loan officer.

  • Same-Day Pre-Approvals

    Once you submit all your documents to us.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Best Rate & Fee and On-Time Purchase Closing Guarantees.

Why not just go to my local bank?

  • Hundreds of Options. One Simple Application.

    Shop ALL options with one application with us. Your local bank will take all your info, run your credit, and probably present you with their one option on any given day. Take it or leave it. Before you know it you’re running around all the local banks wasting your time trying to find the best deal and someone you can trust. That can get frustrating fast, not to mention the havoc it can wreak on your credit as they all jump to run your credit to “pre-qualify” you. At ALG Loans we take your application and shop 100+ lenders nationwide for you, with just one credit inquiry. Our motto is simple: “Hundreds of Options. One Simple Application.” Designed to save you precious time and money.

  • The Mortgage Experts

    As experts focused solely on the mortgage business, it is our one and only job to get you the loan you want and do our best to close it on time for you at the lowest costs to you. That’s it. We have no other bank products to cross-sell you! You may find yourself being sold checking and savings accounts, CDs, mutual funds, auto loans, and other financial products at your local bank.

  • Fast and Easy

    And because the local bank doesn’t specialize in mortgage lending, it is not a surprise that they may take 45, 60, or even 90 days to close your loan. Our cutting-edge mortgage technologies combined with specialized mortgage law know-how are designed to stay ahead of the curve and can get you to the closing table in as little as 15 days, while locking in the lowest available wholesale rates!

FACT: Bank loan officers have no licensing or education requirements like mortgage brokers – they simply “register” for a license number and work under the bank’s umbrella.

In a world of ever-changing laws and confusion, sometimes “nonsense” underwriting with condition after condition, and the sheer number of mortgage guidelines that may make or break your loan if you spot things too late, our goal is to make sure you are so comfortable and clear with the mortgage process that you can’t help but wonder how it could have possibly been SO easy once it’s all said and done, sometimes in as little as 15 days depending on the lender we choose!

The truth is our partnerships with the vast number of lenders out there allows us to find you a loan product that yields the greatest benefit for you, whether for your first primary residence or your sixth investment property.

Plus, if you’re not already working with an outside tax adviser, we can also help you customize a real estate investment tax structure that will lead you to retain the greatest benefit from your real estate portfolio. Then we can work with you to find the best loan for you, to get your property secured at the lowest rates. Awesome!

How do I get started investing in real estate if I don’t think my income or credit will be good enough to qualify for a mortgage loan?

With the variety of conventional, jumbo & super jumbo, government, private & hard money, commercial, construction, fix & flip, reverse, and asset-based loan products, not to mention the tax credit and near NO money down first time home buyer programs out there…trust us…there’s a product out there for your specific scenario. Why go to one bank at a time and even then be limited to their one option for you? We can shop virtually the entire market for you from one location, saving you precious time and money. Here are some examples of “tougher” loan options we have:

  • Down to 500 FICO credit score
  • No down payment, interest-only, new business owner, 1 day out of foreclosure or BK.
  • P&L and Bank Statement Only business owner options.
  • Jumbo loans with 5% down and NO mortgage insurance.

Why Real Estate?

Real estate investment to this day provides some of the greatest tax and financial advantages available for any prudent and long-term strategy investor, if structured properly. Some of the world’s wealthiest individuals have used this asset class to grow and secure new levels of wealth, not only for themselves, but for future generations.

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